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Wheechair Accessible Vehicles We are proud to provide an excellent service for wheelchair users, and have developed a quality training programme to continue to improve our standards. We liaise with many of the town’s service providers and partners to have an open dialogue on the requirements and changes to customers of accessible vehicles.

We have a large variety of wheelchair vehicles that cater for most wheelchairs and we will always try and accommodate users needs. However, some wheelchairs require especially large vehicles which we are unable to supply.

So, when ordering a WAV, please always specify the type and size that you require to avoid disappointment.

Lastly, each driver is trained to make a risk assessment and may discuss this with you at the point of the pick-up.
Fares are controlled by Brighton & Hove City Council... see here for current tariff and are calculated by meters fitted in the cars and sealed by the council. As all our rates are set by the council we assure you that we do not use the infamous  'Surge Pricing'!

We have many account customers with whom we are pleased to have extremely long relationships with including EF (Language School), Bellerbys College, Brighton College, Brighton & Hove Council and many more. View videos Here
Meet the Team

At Streamline we have always liked to have the personal touch so we invite you to come and meet out team of administrators  and directors. See Here

Getting to know us helps in providing you with the best service a local company can give the city.
We are currently recruiting for our busy Call Centre See here for information
Meet the Drivers

Streamline drivers are the heart of the company so come and meet them and view the video Here
For more details Here
We run an excellent ‘Knowledge School to get you started. We also have a number of owners with cars with. owners needing drivers that we can put you in touch with.
Drive with Streamline Taxis 202020

Do you hold a Brighton & Hove licence to drive a cab or are you an owner driver of an existing licensed vehicle? Or even looking to join the local  cab trade to get you licence to start up?
Brighton University - Freshers - Welcoming new students to the city
Join Streamline Taxis 202020 as a owner driver proprietor with our time limited 'New Driver Offer.' Or as a driver with an existing Brighton & Hove driver licence.

Thinking of getting your Brighton & Hove driver licence?  See details here

When you use a Streamline 202020 taxi you can be assured that you will only be sent a locally licensed cab. Why is this important?  See here for more details.

You can always speak to someone here at Streamline on the phone 24/7/365

We work very closely with the councils Licensing Department to ensure that standards in the city are high.  Please read about being 'Cab Safe' here

Please note that all calls are recorded for training and accuracy purposes.
Brighton & Hove Streamline Taxis 202020 est 1936 serving the city for over 80 years

We are the largest taxi company in the city with 300 cars and over 500 hundred drivers all fully licensed by Brighton & Hove City Council. We are a cooperative owned by the drivers themselves. Read about our history here.

Importantly, we are completely different to Uber, with locally controlled metered fares with the drivers getting 100% or those fares. Drivers do not pay any commission as we work on a set subscription bases to run the company. as non-profit making organisation and here for the benefit of the members and drivers.
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Phone or App? You can order your taxi by calling 01273 202020 to speak to us or via our easy to use App which allows you to track your cab and set pick-up preferences. You can  store a payment card which automatically allow for cashless travel. You can also use our Web-Booker, just register to use.

You can also pay by cash or card in cab & you will be asked what method you wish to use when placing a booking.

Scan or click on the QR code to download and see details of easy to use taxi app Here
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"But Uber is a lot  cheaper"
We frequently hear this and whilst this may be the case in other areas, in Brighton & Hove is very rare. In fact Uber is considerably more expensive as it uses what is known as 'Dynamic Charging' or more commonly known as 'Surge Pricing' when it is busy, such as during city events.... or even when it rains.
This is because Uber uses algorithms that raises the cost of the journey where as our local fares are strictly controlled by Brighton & Hove Council using sealed meters... so we don't charge extra when it rains!
These two examples show the shocking Uber charges, which includes during a recent Pride event in the city of an Uber user being charged nearly £100 to travel just three miles.